Prof. Dr. Michael Schapira

Prof. Dr. Michael Schapira ( is a full professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests lie in the design of practical protocols and architectures with provable guarantees (e.g., in terms of performance, resiliency to failures, security, privacy, and more) for (Inter)networked environments. He is also co-founder and chief scientist of Compira Labs.

Prior to joining the Hebrew University he was a visiting scientist at Google NYC and a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley, Yale University, and Princeton University. He is a recipient of the Allon Fellowship (2011), a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship (2013) and several other prizes, the latest are in 2020 the IEEE Communications Society William R. Bennett Prize as well as the Facebook Research Award in 2020.

Dr. Schapira holds a PhD in Computer Science, a BSc in Math and Computer Science, and a BA in Humanities, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (awarded in 2008, 2004, and 2004, respectively).

Prof. Dr. Haya Shulman

Prof. Dr. Haya Shulman is the head of Cybersecurity and Analytics department at Fraunhofer SIT. She is scientific leader of the research area Analytics Based Cybersecurity (ABC) of the national research center for applied cybersecurity ATHENE. Her research interests are in network and cyber security, focusing on attacks and on devising countermeasures. Haya conducted her Ph.D. in the dept. of Computer Science, at Bar Ilan University, in the network security and cryptography group headed by Prof. Dr. Amir Herzberg, with thesis on network security. In 2009 Haya graduated her M.Sc. studies, also in the dept. of Computer Science, at Bar Ilan University, with thesis on Secure Execution of Software in Remote, Hostile Environment. 

She received several awards, e.g. the Feder prize for her research in communication technologies (2013) and in 2013 and 2014 ICANN research fellowships. In 2015, she was awarded an IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize. In 2021, she won the first place of the German IT Security Award of the Horst Görtz foundation.

Prof. Michael Waidner

Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner is the director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Informationtechnology (Fraunhofer SIT) and Chair Professor for Security in IT at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. He is director of the national research center for applied cybersecurity ATHENE.

He received his PhD from the University of Karlsruhe (now known as KIT) in 1991. In 1994 he joined the IBM Zurich Research Lab in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, where he was responsible for the research activities in the areas of IT security and privacy. He was one of the initiators of the Zurich Information Security Center (ZISC) at the ETH Zurich. In 2006 he moved to IBM in New York. Until 2010 he was an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Chief Technology Officer for Security, responsible for the technical security strategy and architecture of the IBM Corporation. In 2010 he left IBM and came to Darmstadt.

Michael Waidner authored more than 150 scientific publications and is inventor of more than 20 patents. He is an IEEE Fellow and an ACM Distinguished Scientist as well as member of acatech, the German academy of technical science.