Video watermarking

Our video watermark is a robust method that is based on a luminance correlation within video frames. It is invisible and can survive cropping, conversion into other formats, transcoding and DA/AD conversion including screen capturing.


The SITMark Video SDK is a software library in C++ that gives the opportunity to include the video watermarking technology directly into other applications. A Java version with a slightly smaller feature set is also available. The SITMark Video DirectShow Filter is a collection of filters for the DirectShow Multimedia Framework of Microsoft. The watermarking filter is a transform filter that watermarks incoming streams faster than in real-time. Finally we have a software for Rimage recording stations, the SITMark Video Burntools. These tools extend the recording functionality of Rimage stations in such a way that recorded CDs, DVDs and BRs can be watermarked with (individual) watermarks. For MPEG-2, , MPEG-4 (h.264) and Flash-videos we have the extremely fast container version of the video watermark.


We offer licenses of our video watermarking technology with different options to our customers. If you would like to license our video watermarking technology or would like to receive a free evaluation license please contact us.