Identity & Privacy

Data management and protection

Data protection scandals regularly attract massive attention. The harm caused to the image of the companies concerned is often immense. Customer defection, collapsed sales, and lost confidence among business associates are just a few of the potential consequences. If compliance requirements have been violated, there is also a risk of penalties, legal disputes, and claims for compensation by the victims.

Fraunhofer SIT helps businesses and public authorities handle sensitive data in an efficient and legally secure way by testing, customizing, and developing made-to-measure solutions. The proliferation of identities and roles is one of the principal challenges here. At the same time, maximum data quality needs to be reconciled with user self-determination. This is only possible if identity management and data protection are acknowledged as an integral part of the overall system from the outset. For this reason, Fraunhofer SIT focuses on solutions that are secure »by design«.

Fraunhofer SIT supports businesses and public authorities wishing to protect information and identities. In particular, our services include:

  • Analysis and customizing of existing solutions for identity and access management (IAM)
  • Design and implementation of data protection concepts
  • Implementation of internal / external public key infrastructures – either with or without integrated Smart card technology
  • Data protection audits
  • Consulting and development activities linked to electronic patient files
  • Secure integration of Germany's new identity card in online and corporate applications (training, consulting, development)
  • Testing and development of secure ICT applications for motor vehicles
  • Web 2.0 identities

Job offers

Fraunhofer SIT seeks scientific staff, partly also for management positions

You will be responsible for planning, leading, executing and representing applied R&D projects, jointly with clients and partners from industry, government agencies and academia.