Security Test Lab

Threat modelling and security evaluation

How secure IT actually is in practice only becomes apparent when it is targeted by an attacker. Remediating vulnerabilities after the damage has been done is both difficult and expensive, especially if the root of the problem is located deep down in the system architecture. A security analysis in the Fraunhofer SIT Test Lab delivers valuable information about whether a product or service really is secure before it is too late. If security holes exist, our tests do more than simply buy you time; our experts also suggest ways to close the critical gaps. And if your products are fully compliant with the relevant security requirements, you can provide proof of this to your customers with a Fraunhofer SIT certificate.

Attack is the best defense

The Fraunhofer SIT Test Lab tests the IT security of IT products on behalf of manufacturers and business users. Each security analysis is based on requirement and threat analyses, architecture evaluations, and real attacks, all of which are taken into account in the overall assessment for a specific application. The Test Lab's services at a glance:

  • Product evaluations based on typical installations
  • Service security analyses
  • Certificates and published test reports as proof of product security (including recommendations for installation and configuring)
  • Product comparisons and product selection guidance
  • Evaluation of the security risks linked to integration projects
  • Recommendations for remediating vulnerabilities


M.A. Oliver KüchInnovation Manager

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Job offers

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