Container technology

The container technology dramatically speeds up the creation of individually watermarked works. The main application area for the container technology are online shops, content-management-systems and Video-on-Demand-systems.

Ultra-fast watermarking

The container technology is no independent watermarking algorithm, it is rather a watermarking acceleration technology that can be applied to most types of watermarking algorithms. The watermarking process is split into two stages. In the first computation intensive stage, a so-called watermarking container is created (container stage). This stage needs to take place only once. In the second stage, individually watermarked works can be created from the container very fast (shuffle stage).

Watermarking container are format-specific, i.e. for every media format an individual container technology needs to be developed. The container stage takes about twice as long as the unaccelerated watermarking of a work. This duration is dependent mainly on the computation power of the processors involved. The following table lists how it takes to individually shuffle a work from an existing container:

Media type

Output format

marking speed1

Marking speed
using container1


mp3, WAV








mp3, WAV, MPEG-2, FLV

Dependent on
media type

Dependent on
media type

1 The number denotes how many times faster than playing time the technology is (similiar to CD/DVD-drive speeds)

The MultiContainer combines audio and video container into a single software. This allows for ultra-fast simultaneous watermarking of audio and video tracks.


Information on licensing can be found on the pages of the individual watermarking algorithms or simply by contacting us.