Post-Quantum TPM

Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) is an important topic that affects many aspects of Cybersecurity and that is expected to have a growing momentum in the next years. Whenever Cryptography is used, the question needs to be raised if protocols, interfaces, and even security architectures need to be adapted to be compatible with the requirements of PQC in the future. In this context, Fraunhofer SIT is investigating the compatibility of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specification with potential candidates of future standards for PQC. Therefore, Fraunhofer SIT adapted the „Fraunhofer SIT TPM/TSS 2.0 Development Tools“ for using post-quantum primitives. This prototype allows to simulate the effect of using PQC in TPMs and to propose changes to the TPM specification that might be required for the use of PQC.