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Software Platform for TPM 2.0

More Security for Automotive IT

Several innovations in the automotive industry are based on IT systems and their internet connection. However, increasing connectivity also poses new vulnerabilities. Fraunhofer SIT has developed a software platform where secure control units can be developed based on a TPM 2.0.

The previously closed system within a car now has more than 100 embedded control devices, sensors, and other mini-computers that communicate with each other and the manufacturers’ backend systems or are connected with the internet. On the one hand, this results in a variety of new application possibilities. On the other, it leads to many more risks for automobiles.

Considering the large number of weaknesses identified in the past years, there is a need for new concepts to ensure the integrity of the control units installed. To meet this need, Fraunhofer SIT has developed a software platform based on manufacturer-independent open standards. Fraunhofer SIT’s solution uses a hardware security module (HSM), the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. The software portion of the solution communicates with the TPM, which functions as the trust anchor and storage for cryptographic keys. These are only released when the devices are in perfect condition.

Fraunhofer SIT’s solution is a prototype available via licensing. In addition to this product, Fraunhofer SIT offers further development of solutions for device protection based on TPM 2.0.

Software-Platform for TPM 2.0 offers

  • Recognition of firmware and protection from its manipulation
  • Protection of personal and manufacturer-specific data
  • Protection from product piracy
  • Easy realization of further security protocols
  • Only small amount of storage & computing capacity necessary
  • Support of development process via hard- & software simulators


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