TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2012 for Fraunhofer SIT

Fraunhofer SIT receives award for the development of the BizzTrust security solution for smart devices – the IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrustT) confers award for a solution that separates business and private data and services on mobile devices.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology wins the »TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2012«. The research institute based in Darmstadt received the award for the development of BizzTrust, a security solution that protects business data and services on Android-based smartphones and tablet PCs, without restricting private usage of the device. The BizzTrust solution is already being developed further and marketed via a partnership with the company Sirrix AG security technologies. The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) conferred the award on Wednesday in Brussels during the »Information Security Solutions Europe Conference« (ISSE). Further information and an online demo of the security solution can be found on the Internet at www.bizztrust.de.

TeleTrusT confers the Innovation Award each year for the development of a particularly innovative and trustworthy IT application. One important criterion for this award relates to the design of IT security solutions that are easy to use.  »We view this award as a confirmation that we have been able to successfully combine IT security and intuitive user guidance within our BizzTrust solution«, said Professor Dr Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi of Fraunhofer SIT, under whose management the software was developed. »In the not too distant future there will be a wide range of embedded devices all over the world, which will be linked via cloud infrastructures. As a result of this, the protection of sensitive data and services will become increasingly important«, he added. »Due to the popularity and proliferation of Android, we developed BizzTrust specifically for this operating system. However, the solution only represents the first step towards a secure platform, and it can be transferred to other mobile devices and applications that place specific demands on security. This is something we are working on at the moment.«

BizzTrust was presented for the first time at the security trade fair »it-sa« in October 2011 in Nuremberg. It was then that Fraunhofer SIT and Sirrix AG agreed on a comprehensive sales and development partnership, within the scope of which the BizzTrust and TURAYA™ technologies were to be combined and further developed. The first test applications are already running within the company, and the official product release is planned for Q1/2013. Participation in an »Early Adopter« program is possible for a select number of companies.

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