Security Solution BizzTrust Makes Devices Simultaneously and Securely Available for Private and Business Use

CeBIT 2013: Innovative security solution separates business and private data and services on Android devices and protects against attacks on company infrastructure

The increasing use of Smartphones in companies and authorities carries big risks for the company or authority network and the critical data of the organizations. The number of attacks on mobile devices from viruses, Trojans and other malware is soaring. Because of tthese risks, coupled with the users’ requirement of being able to use smartphones freely, organizations are facing fundamental problems. With BizzTrust for Android Sirrix is offering an intelligent and secure partitioning of the application areas into a business and a private environment.

BizzTrust is being developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT. It rests upon the consequent use of an enhanced security kernel. By creating separate work areas, it is possible to use in the protected area apps solely that were signed and approved by the organization and allow them to access internal company resources. On the other hand a user may create his individual environment in the unrestricted area and install and use apps at his own discretion without any negative effect on the security of the protected area. The easy-to-use central management makes rollout and administration simple and cost-efficient.

„Current security solutions do not offer a sufficient protection, for example against root exploits and malicious apps. At best they mitigate the effects – comparable to an airbag. With BizzTrust we have developed an innovative security kernel based solution that averts such a challenge in principle – the ESP for Smartphones. So far it is one-of-a-kind on the market and an enabler for shareconomy, because BizzTrust enables secure information sharing“, says Ammar Alkassar, CEO of Sirrix AG.

Sirrix presents its newest products from March 5 to 9 at CeBIT in Hannover, hall 12, booth B50, Fraunhofer SIT in hall 9, booth E08.

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