Mobile Access to Encrypted Cloud Storage

OmniCloud enables secure mobile access to critical business data in the cloud – Fraunhofer SIT demonstrates the new version of cloud storage enhancement (Hall 9, stand E08).

The new version of OmniCloud makes accessing critical business data with smartphones and tablet PCs secure and easy. Fraunhofer SIT will present mobile access to encrypted cloud storage for the first time at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover in hall 9 stand E08 from March 5 until March 9. The new OmniCloud allows employees to access encrypted data in cloud storage easily with mobile devices and to share the data with colleagues within the company – all without exchanging passwords or keys.  The advantage of the OmniCloud solution: a company does not have to install the OmniCloud software on the end devices, only the access to the enterprise’s corporate network is required. For example: A sales representative has a customer meeting, prepares a calculation and asks a colleague to check it. He saves the file via a word processor with his tablet into the OmniCloud storage, where his colleague can access it immediately. OmniCloud provides encryption and rights management– without the employees noticing.

OmniCloud offers client-side encryption and supports a variety of cloud storage services. The Fraunhofer software solution protects sensitive data and ensures lower backup costs by avoiding duplication. In addition, OmniCloud allows data migration between various cloud storage systems, thus avoiding a dependence on specific providers.

Just in November, the developer team won first place at the German IT Security Awards. OmniCloud aims at enabling medium-sized companies to profit from the advantages of cloud storage services – without any dependencies or security risks. OmniCloud supports a number of cloud storage services and can easily be combined with current backup solutions, even if they do not provide cloud integration.  

OmniCloud facilitates typical business situations such as employee absences and changes in responsibilities. Separating identity management from key management makes this possible. Delegation rules can be realized very easily – without password disclosure and elaborate data re-encryption.

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