Access Control in Enterprises with Key2Share

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily life. The capabilities of these handily sized mini-computers seem almost boundless as we phone friends, shoot holiday snaps, lose ourselves in a new music download or access the internet to obtain the boarding card for our next flight in comfort. Does it not seem logical, then, that we should make use of these constant companions for more tasks, e.g., for unlocking doors or deactivating car immobilizers?

Fraunhofer SIT introduces a Key2Share solution which turns smartphones into keys for door locks and key fobs for car immobilizers. It uses electronic access control tokens stored on the mobile device as a replacement for the traditional keys. Key2Share provides advanced features not available in traditional access control systems, such as remote distribution and revocation of access control rights, delegation to other users, and binding of access rights to context-aware and time-limited policies.

Key2Share can be used in different application scenarios, including access control to hotel rooms and in-room safe boxes, access control management by enterprises (e.g., access to enterprise buildings and offices), or as car key fobs. Moreover, Key2Share’s delegation feature makes it particularly attractive for applications that require access rights delegation and sharing, e.g., in applications for car management by car rental companies or fleet management by enterprises.