Security for Big Data

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Being able to process large amounts of data in a timely manner is not enough in order to be able to develop big data solutions. Every successful implementation must meet minimum requirements regarding security and data protection. This seminar imparts the necessary security competences: The seminar will increase the participants‘ awareness concerning security and data protection and they will acquire basic knowledge about how to use security solutions in big data environments.

Target group:

ICT experts, data analysts and decision makers, who would like to address their next big data project also in view of security mechanisms and data protection.


General knowledge about big data und IT.

Our trainings in detail:

Security and Privacy for Big Data

  • Length: 2 days, where each day can be booked separately, additional digital learning units optionally
  • Language: English as necessary
  • Participants max: 15
  • Where: Fraunhofer Institute Centre Schloss Birlinghoven, 53757 Sankt Augustin
  • Costs: 2 days including digital learning units: 1,499 Euro;  1 day including digital learning units: 1,200 Euro (including all documents, you will get a certificate of attendance, tax free); Online only: 149 Euro

Please note the eligibility and cancellation requirements 

This seminar is part of the Data Scientist seminars offered by the Fraunhofer Alliance Big Data