The new German eID Card and VoIP signatures

nPA-VoIPS is a solution that aims at providing confidential, authentic, and legally binding VoIP calls using the new German Identity Card. The solution is applicable for example at call center operators (e.g. banks, assurance companies, ISPs, public authorities etc.) to mutually authenticate callers and to conclude contracts via IP telephony. It is possible to implement the solution at the call center directly or in an IP Centrex or cloud telephony provider.

In detail the concept provides mutual authentication in VoIP calls using the eID function of the new German Identity Card, confidentiality and integrity of VoIP calls by using SRTP/ZRTP, and legally binding archiving of calls by means of »VoIP signatures« both at the caller’s and callee’s side. The latter is a patented protocol developed by Fraunhofer SIT. It employs the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) on the German Identity Card or another QES certificate to sign the contract in form of a VoIP call recording.

nPA-VoIPS is a joint research project of Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, and the Competence Centre for the new German Identity Card.

nPA-VoIPS is the first and only known solution for identifying call participants using an eID card. Furthermore, the solution uses the patented protocol »VoIP signatures« for recording and saving VoIP calls. »VoIP signatures« has been analyzed for its legally compliance by the »Constitutionally Compatible Technology Design« group (provet) at the University of Kassel. nPA-VoIPS enables contract closure by phone with unprecedented security while still being easily usable by users. Moreover, the solution accelerates the contract closure process which makes linked business processes more efficient and which facilitates new business models. As the solution can also be deployed as a cloud service capital and operational expenditure can be kept low.