Mobile Information Distribution, Management and Access for You!

Many people are on the verge of drowning in the flood of information they receive and the many devices available today. To provide a quick and secure information access, the project MIDMAY developes an enterprise solution for the personal mobile management of information. An intelligent retrieval function allows MIDMAY users to access their documents and e-mails quickly and easily – from their own PC as well as from their mobile phone. What is really ingenious about this is that with MIDMAY the users can forward their files themselves, by e-mail or any other means, even if these files are stored on another device. Beyond that, encryption procedures and a secure system architecture guarantee the protection of the data.

At the heart of the smart remote-control system is a server, the home base, which accesses the data stored on the workstation. What makes this system different is the way in which it cleverly interlinks the wealth of different information, making it possible to search for information on your own computer via various search paths while away from the office.

If you have forgotten who has already been sent a certain attachment, you can extend your search by entering the date, for instance. Thanks to a link with the calendar data, the number of mails can thus be limited and the required message is easily found.

This way MIDMAY not only permits rapid access to information, For the first time ever, you will be able to use your cell phone as a control center for your own digital knowledge base.