GIPA - German-Israeli Partnership Accelerator

Connecting a leading research location with Israel‘s start-up scene

The German-Israeli Partnership Accelerator for Cybersecurity GIPA is a new initiative to accelerate cybersecurity research collaboration between Germany and Israel and shape the world's cybersecurity landscape. GIPA is launched by Fraunhofer SIT and Hebrew University of Jerusalem HUJI. 

GIPA brings together students of computer science and engineering with top cybersecurity talents from Israel and Germany. Participants will jointly work on cutting edge cybersecurity projects in areas such as network technologies, internet infrastructure and software security. This will speed up the development of new technological ideas in Cybersecurity and Privacy, while connecting young entrepreneurs and students with researchers, advisors, customers and influencers.

The program starts with one residential week in Jerusalem. In the following weeks, the participants form distributed teams, carrying out research and development in their respective countries. The program ends with another residential week in Darmstadt and a final event, where the students present their results. 

The next round of GIPA will be April 1st until July 2020. Applications are welcome.

Final event of the first GIPA round in Berlin

The first round of the German-Israeli Partnership Accelerator (GIPA) ended on January 9th with the presentation of new cybersecurity developments. At the final event at the Hessian State Representation in Berlin, the participating project teams presented new approaches to the quality control of cloud services, the security of Internet infrastructures, and the prevention of spam attacks and denial of service attacks on e-mail accounts.