BizzTrust for Android

Protection of sensitive data and services

In many enterprises smartphones are part of the corporate culture, but often these devices do not fulfill the necessary security requirements. With BizzTrust, Fraunhofer SIT develops a solution that protects sensitive enterprise services and data without restricting the system's functionality or the user access to personal data and applications.

Business users increasingly use employer-issued smartphones for personal as well as business applications (apps). However, in current devices little infrastructure is available to facilitate remote management and enforce enterprise security policy. Moreover, the use of smartphones for personal as well as business purposes increases the exposure to unknown software and unauthorized parties, putting the enterprise’s data and services at risk.


In dual-use scenarios, the employer should usually take care of the security and management of the smartphone, but often it is not in the interest of the employee to give the employer full control over partly personal data on the smartphone. Similarly, it is not in the interest of the employer that the IT department is potentially responsible for the private data on the employee’s phone. In addition to this confl ict of interest, usability poses the biggest challenge: The centralized security management of the employee’s smartphone should not restrict functionality to the point where it is easier to use two separate phones.

BizzTrust resolves these problems and creates a framework forfl exible network integration and management of remote devices.Fraunhofer SIT has achieved this by combining innovative containerisolation and modern communication protocols that allow forcentral network integration, remote maintenance and devicemanagement. BizzTrust separates applications and data into securitydomains, executing personal applications in parallel and  independently from business applications. Furthermore, the fl exible remotemaintenance protocols make it possible to analyze thesoftware status of a remote device and to enforce update or remediationprocedures realizing an enterprise’s security policy.With the extended remote management, the business compartmentof the employee’s phone can be integrated into the enterpriseevent management infrastructure.


  • Protection of business data / No restrictions for private use

  • Secure enterprise communication (encryption)

  • Remote management and update

  • Support of bring your own device strategy

  • Automatic policy enforcemente

TeleTrusT Innovation Award 2012

Fraunhofer SIT receives award for the development of the BizzTrust security solution for smart devices – the IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrustT) confers award for a solution that separates business and private data and services on mobile devices.

Development Partnership for smartphone security

Togehther with Sirrix AG Fraunhofer SIT develops security solutions for smartphones. Sirrix AG and Fraunhofer SIT identified the problems of using smartphones in companies as one of the key challenges of IT security. There are solutions required which can be used by end users and organisations equally, which are economically sustainable in the long run and at the same time are sufficiently safe. To develop such solutions and offer them on the market is the common strategy of Sirrix AG and Fraunhofer SIT. One project ist to combine Fraunhofer SIT's BizzTrust solution with the TURAYA MobileDesk for mobile devices solution developed by Sirrix AG.