Application Scenarios

Key2Share is a general access control solution which is applicable in different use cases. In the following, we outline a list of possible application scenarios:

Key2Share as a door key:

  • Access control to enterprise facilities (offices and buildings)
  • Access control to hotel rooms by hotel guests
  • Access control to rental apartments

Key2Share as a car immobilizer and/or a car key:

  • Car keys managed by car manufacturers and distributed to car owners
  • Car sharing by rental car companies
  • Fleet management by enterprises

Key2Share for access control storage cells:

  • Access control to storage sells on train stations and in airports
  • Access control to parcel stations managed by post offices
  • Access control to safe boxes (e.g., in hotel rooms)

Key2Share for ticketing:

  • Tickets for events (e.g., concerts or football matches)
  • Tickets for public transportation

Key2Share for membership management:

  • Membership cards (e.g., for access to a fitness center)