Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions

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SAIL is an EU-funded research project that aims at designing and implementing novel technologies for the »Network of the Future« and developing proof-of-concept prototypes to lead the way from current networks to future concepts. SAIL integrates all aspects of the network compexity, targeting the areas of Network of Information, Cloud Networking, and Open Connectivity Services.

Fraunhofer SIT adresses security issues related to the area of Open Connectivity Services (OConS), which brings together heterogeneous data transport media, from fibre backbones to wireless access networks. OConS will enable the control of multiple technologies across multiple aggregation stages. OConS framework will enable future networks to support scalable, efficient and interoperable communication services including control and management solutions for security, mobility and resource management.

Heterogeneous wireless communications is one of the main challenges in OConS Fraunhofer SIT works, alongside with partners. Whenever the wireless network changes, end-to-end service continuity to and from the mobile device is essential to satisfy the user’s quality of experience. Inherent interworking of mobility management and security mechanisms will be used to overcome the heterogeneity. However, the variety of wireless mobility management and security solutions at this juncture raises the complexity.

Fraunhofer SIT develops a security and mobility management framework that will counter this complexity by limiting the technical depth to a level that is suitable to classify security and mobility management topics in general.


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